wild garlic

We all know the classic greek yogurt sauce Tzatziki with grated cucumber and garlic. This recipe replaces the garlic with wild garlic leaves and makes it a wild garlic tzatziki instead. Wild Garlic is known to be an early spring wild edible that is one of the most popular plants to forage. Wild Garlic has

Wild garlic mayonnaise is a super tasty way of using wild garlic. This wild garlic mayonnaise is great as a spread in a sandwich, with fried fish, as french fries dipping sauce, or how else you would eat mayonnaise.

Two of the most commonly foraged wild edibles in spring are stinging nettles and wild garlic. I cannot get enough of them - and there are endless options on how to use them. Fortunately, they also match perfectly together in dishes. Therefore, I developed this stinging nettle and wild garlic soup recipe. It is filled

I have decided to give you the classic recipe of a wild garlic pesto, because it is so delicious that I make it every year. Pesto can be used in pasta, sandwiches or in mashed potatoes, and is packed with flavor.

This wild garlic barbecue marinade consists of wild garlic leaves, olive oil, herbs, chili, lemon juice and salt and pepper. It is perfect as a marinade for meat, chicken, vegetables, or fish either cooked in the oven or grilled on the barbecue.