Elderflower Ice Cream is a delightful and refreshing dessert that perfectly captures the essence of summer. This delicate ice cream combines the subtle, floral flavor of elderflowers with a rich and creamy base, creating an exquisite taste experience. Elderflower heads are one of nature’s small wonders, and when used in this ice cream, you get
Looking for a recipe for a wild, refreshing, and fragrant tea that's both natural and full of flavour? Then make this easy elderflower and wild rose tea recipe! This wild tea combines the natural and aromatic properties of dried roses (rosa rugosa) and elderflowers (sambucus nigra) to create a soothing beverage that's perfect for relaxation
Elderflower gin cocktail is a fresh, sweet, and tasty summer cocktail made with homemade elderflower cordial, lemon, gin, and sparkling water. Enjoy this cocktail with friends and family and have an amazing summer! You can find the recipe for my simple elderflower cordial here and use it in the tasty elderflower gin cocktail. Elderflower Gin
One of the most popular ways of using elderflower heads is by making them into an elderflower cordial. The elderflower cordial can be drunk with still or sparkling water, added to an elderflower gin cocktail, made into aromatic icing, or used in these Elderflower and Lemon Cupcakes. The whitish elderflowers decorate the summer landscape and